The Smarter Approach

Reducing the Effects of Passing Ships

Feb 24, 2020

Throughout the world, ports are continually facing the challenge of maintaining and increasing productivity. Vessel berth utilization and availability are keys that govern product or passenger transfers to occur as effectively as possible.

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LNG Transfer: Strengthening the Chain Of Custody With Integrated Monitoring

Feb 18, 2020

Last year, we saw the LNG shipping sector hit new heights. LNG carrier orders were strong; in February 2019, according to Cleaves Securities, the LNG orderbook stood at a record high, with ship owners planning to order as many as 69 LNGCs, up from 65 in 2018 and only 17 in 2017.

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Safe LNG Transfer and the Revision of the EN 1474-2 Standard

Feb 11, 2020

Ever since the International Maritime Organization first agreed to limit the sulphur content in all marine fuels to 0.5 percent beginning in 2020, we’ve seen a substantial rise in the demand for LNG bunkering infrastructure. Now that we have arrived in 2020, we’re sensing a real urgency is permeating the industry, as ports and ship owners alike ensure that they are compliant.

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