The Smarter Approach

Velocity factors: its creation and relation to strain rate & chemical composition

Sep 30, 2019

Currently, fender performance data in catalogs is presented either in constant velocity (CV) with a compression velocity of 0.33-1.33 mm/s, or Rated Performance Data (RPD). CV performance data is multiplied by velocity factor (VF) (calculated at 150 mm/s) to convert to RPD. However, there is rarely advice on the creation of velocity factors and effects of velocity on the CV performance data within the catalog.

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Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis (TGA): a vital test for rubber fender chemical composition and quality control

Sep 23, 2019

High-quality fenders are essential to the safety and efficiency of port operations, protecting vessels and terminals alike. But, until recently, understanding chemical composition in rubber fenders was not practiced in the industry due to a lack of suitable tests and specifications.

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Facilitating the accommodation of cruise ships at Puerto Costa Maya

Sep 10, 2019

Although cruise vessels are continuously growing in size, generally ports globally are not. Expansion, if possible, is costly and resource optimization is therefore key. But sticking with existing infrastructure to minimize costs can have adverse effects.

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Trelleborg accompanies Netherlands Prime Minister on economic mission

Sep 04, 2019

Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation recently attended an invite only three-day economic mission for Boston Climate Resilience in Boston (17-19 July).

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