Trelleborg accompanies Netherlands Prime Minister on economic mission

Marine environment solutions that safeguard vessels, ports and personnel. Engineered solutions that seal, damp, and safeguard infrastructure and offshore assets. Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation protects marine and built environments, people and infrastructure. In line with this long-standing commitment, Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation recently attended an invite only three-day economic mission for Boston Climate Resilience in Boston (17-19 July).

This mission was facilitated by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), a network of Dutch organizations in the water sector. This saw Netherlands’ Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Governor Charlie Baker, special envoy and water ambassador for the Netherland’s Henk Ovink, Hans de Boer of the Dutch Dam and representatives from the Boston Water & Sewage Commission, sign a letter of intent (LOI) to strengthen existing US and Dutch water partnerships and identify further opportunities for cooperation.

Along with other water management specialists that frequently supply projects across the US, André de Graaf, Sales Manager - Water Management at Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, signed the LOI and took part in round table discussions, site visits and working sessions which addressed urban resilience, water management, water technology and flood protection at a regional and local scale.

Like much of the north east of the US, Boston is particularly prone to suffering from the severe impacts of climate change. As a result, it is vital that the city invests in local water infrastructure that not only adheres to new, stricter industry standards, but safeguards its future.

To be invited to attend a mission of such significance is testament to our track record of providing bespoke engineered sealing and damping solutions to some of the largest and most ambitious projects. It is vital that those involved with such high-stake projects collaborate closely with highly-engineered polymer solution experts at an early stage to ensure the most appropriate and reliable water infrastructure management solution is engineered. Here at Trelleborg, we pride ourselves on the fact that our solutions protect environments and people across the globe. With that in mind, we thoroughly look forward to playing a role in the facilitation of a more resilient future for Boston and its residents.

From ship lifts to aqueducts and from storm surge barriers to dry docks and lock systems, Trelleborg has supplied high performance solutions to water management projects across the globe. Examples of Trelleborg’s involvement in flood prevention include the St. Petersburg storm flood barrier, a complex water infrastructure project consisting of a 25-kilometer dam, two navigation channels and the longest undersea road tunnel in Russia. Trelleborg sealed the tunnel’s 15 sections with its 40 meters high and seven meters high Omega seals which will provide resistance for 100 years with no maintenance required.

In Los Angeles, robust Omega seals are also a part of flood prevention actions in the city’s efforts to minimize the possibility of water entering its congested road system. Trelleborg also designed and installed multiple fender systems and bespoke sealing systems for the MOSE project in Venice, Italy. This was designed to safeguard the Venetian Lagoon and Venice’s neighboring cities from the threat of high tidal variation.