Protecting the Essential

In line with Trelleborg’s sustainability focus on protecting the essentials, Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation in Dubai participated in a beach clean-up campaign in November. 14 employees along with their families gathered to clean up a very small section of Sharjah desert, Fossil Rock, in Dubai.  More than a dozen bin bags filled with discarded plastics, glass, broken car parts and other wastes were removed and disposed of correctly. 

It is extremely sad to see the amount of waste left behind by campers, desert drivers and tour groups, not realizing the long-lasting devastating effects the rubbish has on the environment as well as the dangers to the wildlife roaming the desert.

The Dubai Municipality has also begun a five-month desert clean-up operation from October 2021 in an effort to protect the environment.  The Municipality staff were able to collect and remove approximately 130 tons of general waste from the beginning of October until mid-November from many popular deserts located around the emirates.

The desert plays a vital role in the UAE's culture and heritage and is home to hundreds of species of animals, reptiles, insects and plants. We are glad we were able to play a part in protecting the desert and its ecology.