Safe and Efficient Transfer in the LPG Market

By Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, and Vincent Lagarrigue, Director of Trelleborg’s oil and marine operation

Last year, market indicators revealed that the LPG shipping market is growing as demand from developing countries continues to increase.

In India, for example, the number of new household LPG customers continues to surge, driven by the Indian Government’s Ujjwala scheme which aims to promote clean cooking fuels in rural areas. Similarly, demand for LPG in Indonesia has risen over the last few years, owing to a rise in consumption coupled with a decline in production. China’s LPG imports are also expected to rebound, after experiencing a slight loss of momentum in 2018, setting the tone for positive times ahead. 

Running in tandem with this is an upsurge in the number of ship owners opting for LPG as means of meeting 2020 sulphur emission compliance. LNG remains the front-runner among the gas bunker alternatives, both in terms of adoption and infrastructure. However, as a sulphur-free fuel LPG has great potential to capture a meaningful share of the marine fuels market, being easy to store onboard and readily available around the world. As global LPG demand continues on its upward trajectory, the needs of the market mean that infrastructure must develop in a way that is low in capex, quick to install and accessible to multiple vessel types and sizes.

Cryoline LPG hoses meet these requirements; providing lighter infrastructure in a short time, with less capex-heavy infrastructure as opposed to fixed jetties, as well as delivering better opex performance over time thanks to market-leading lifecycles. Our cryogenic solutions provide safe transfer and handling of LPG; each hose is designed with a specific inner liner which ensures the highest performance in cryogenic conditions.

The transfer of LPG between ship and shore also necessitates the use of Emergency Shutdown Link (ESL) systems. Trelleborg has developed its ESL for LPG, ethane, oil and chemical gas transfer operations, offering a reliable link which enables rapid and controlled shutdown in emergency situations.

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