Trelleborg Discussed The Importance Of Linked ESD Usage At Gastech 2020

By Andrew Stafford, Technical Director at Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation

As part of Gastech’s recent 2020 virtual conference, I presented a technical paper on the importance of ship / shore linked Emergency Shut-Down (ESD) systems usage within the LPG industry.

Titled ‘LPG - Missing the Link!’, my session covered how, despite the latest IGC and IGF codes both requiring ships to be fitted with ESD systems that can be linked to a compatible shore system, and an almost universal adoption of ship / shore links during LNG transfers, there has been very limited adoption of such systems for LPG transfers.

Even in the short time since the publication of OCIMF industry guidelines, we have seen the widespread adoption of ship / shore link technology across the oil industry. But why is the LPG sector lagging behind?

In addition to the safety benefits which have been well-proven in the LNG sector, the use of ship / shore links in the LPG sector can facilitate increased cargo transfer rates, which brings commercial benefits and reduces surge pressure risks.

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