In line with its commitment to positively impacting the communities and the environments within which it operates, 50 members at Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure in Singapore engaged in a beach clean-up, collecting recyclable items and plastic waste at Coney Island.

Coney Island Park is an ecologically sustainable park with initiatives to support energy and water conservation, including recycling and retaining its various natural habitats. The island is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, some of which are considered locally extinct and endangered. From coastal forests, mangroves to casuarina woodlands, the nature reserve offers its visitors a unique and wholesome experience.

Julian Wee, Managing Director, Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure Singapore, commented: “We prioritize sustainability above everything else. This is one of the reasons we are continually working to support the communities within which we operate. We feel very strongly about protecting the environment and encourage our employees to engage in activities that reflect this commitment. I’m immensely proud of their enthusiasm, and desire to be a part of the larger cause.”

In addition to driving activities to protect the environment, Trelleborg is also deploying measurable steps to integrate sustainable practices across its entire business process to mitigate the negative impact on society.