Trelleborg strengthens safe piloting and navigation offering

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has further bolstered its advanced navigation and piloting offering with the launch of SafeTug, a new software solution that through real-time data sharing, helps tugboat operators and ports to optimize safety and efficiency in their day-to-day operations.

Enhancing collaboration between the tug skipper, bridge team, pilot and port, the SafeTug system uses dynamic data to give tugboat skippers accurate, real-time information on the movement of the ship they are maneuvering. This includes the ship’s speed and direction, rate of turn, trajectory, heading and course over the ground. The software also shows the position of other tugboats using the system.

Piloting requires the safest, most efficient and reliable technology. It demands exceptional performance, ease of operation and high position accuracy to facilitate optimum approach, berthing and departure.

Utilizing the latest technology, SafeTug improves the range and accuracy of navigational measurements, offering true 360° visibility and enhancing situational awareness in real time. This helps the pilot to know exactly where the tugs are located and for the tug master to know exactly what the movement of assisted vessel is, creating a safer and more effective pilotage experience.

SafeTug integrates with SmartPort Cloud, exchanging data to provide an overview of port and piloting operations. It features over-the-air (OTA) differential corrections, real-time traffic overview, live positioning data with predicted paths, data recording, storage and more. Furthermore, the on-shore crew can monitor the whole operation as it happens and by playback for investigation.

Trelleborg’s SafeTug solution falls under the operation’s SmartPort portfolio. SmartPort powers the critical interface between ship and port, on land and at sea. It connects port operations, allowing operators to analyze performance and use data to improve decision making. The system integrates assets like fenders, mooring equipment, ship performance monitoring, and navigation systems, underpinned by cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

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