Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure Japan demonstrates its commitment to contributing to a better society with five of its team volunteering at the 2022 Akabane Marathon in Tokyo, Japan (May 14, 2022).

In-line with Trelleborg’s unwavering support of the communities across the globe in which it is located, Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure Japan’s Sho Furutsuki (General Manager), Akane Niioka (Administrator), Hiroki Inoue (Sales Engineer), John Chen (Sales Engineer), along with Trelleborg Wheel Systems’ Yoshiaki Terada (Sales Manager), distributed drinks and snacks to participants, in addition to presenting medals and printed recognition of completion times to runners.

Here at Trelleborg, we are committed to facilitating a better society across the communities within which we are located. This includes not only participating and supporting various social activities, such as the Akabane Marathon, but also where possible providing dedicated support to aid young people’s learning and development.

The Akabane Marathon provided the ideal platform for us to connect with our local community, which we thoroughly look forward to doing so again in the future, further strengthening our relationship. With the Akabane Marathon serving as motivation for us to invest in exercise to the benefit of our health, we may even sign up a team to participate in the 2023 marathon!