Trelleborg to exhibit at Europort 2019

By Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation

Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation will be exhibiting at Europort 2019 (booth 6400). At the conference and exhibition, visitors will discover our comprehensive suite of solutions for the maritime sector.

Held between 5-8 November 2019 in the world port city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Europort is the leading exhibition for special purpose vessels and will focus on the specialized shipping markets. Its ‘special ships, smart solutions’ theme for 2019 is said to have inspired a series of new attractions which capture the tone of an industry which now accepts that smart people as well as smart technologies will be needed to shape the maritime and offshore sector’s digital future.

As our industry continues to face the challenges of globalization and the increasing scale and utilization of vessels, we must continuously look for ways to improve efficiencies, safety, sustainability and throughput. Shipping companies and port operators must look for smarter ways to deliver against these expectations.

Therefore, we are delighted to showcase a variety of our products which fall under our SmartPort portfolio. SmartPort powers the critical interface between ship and port, on land and at sea and its technologies can increase efficiencies, improve safety, sustainability and ROI for ports and vessels alike.

We will showcase our automated mooring system, AutoMoor, which was developed following extensive discussions with customers, and uses vacuum technology to rapidly attach to and secure a vessel at berth. Providing real-time data to the operator to optimize day-to-day port and terminal operations, it also minimizes personnel involvement to reduce human error and improve safety.

Our navigation and piloting solutions, SafePilot CAT MAX and SafePilot CAT ROT will also be exhibited. Delegates will be able to learn how both solutions can enhance port safety and efficiency with their high-positioning accuracy, allowing for piloting in confined waters, offshore operations and more.

In addition to our SmartPort portfolio of products, our experts will also discuss our SeaGuard foam fenders, which have an unsinkable cell polyethylene foam core and an outer skin that is able to absorb impact. This means that the fenders are the ideal solution in ports which are subject to adverse weather conditions. They also work equally well in harbors or between vessels.

In addition to our marine technology, we will also showcase our wear-resistant slurry hoses, which are able to withstand the most extreme working conditions, and have been used by all major dredging companies across the globe.

Delegates will be able discover more about our high-quality sealing and bearing solutions, which are suitable for a number of applications across all of our markets, including Orkot® Marine Bearings.

Orkot® TXMM and TLMM bearings, with their track record of performance over 60 years, were developed to meet the requirements of marine environment markets including applications for offshore oil & gas and shipbuilding.

Manufactured from a unique synthetic composite incorporating solid lubricants for dry running, they ensure outstanding wear life. Virtually no swelling in sea water and very low thermal coefficient of expansion also means that they can provide dimensional stability in both arctic and tropical seas.

For more information, visit us at booth 6400.

We look forward to seeing you at Europort!