Trelleborg to help facilitate the build of luxury super yachts at the Port of Amsterdam

Built by Kok Staalbouw in Heesch, The Netherlands, the floating dry dock door was equipped with one of Trelleborg’s Gina gaskets to prevent leakage, to ensure that mega yachts are not exposed to humidity or water during the construction process.

Trelleborg’s Gina gaskets ensures watertight closure, greater tolerance bandwidth and low jacking force due to its variation in hardness. It also facilitates less fixation materials on the dry dock door and offers a simple, hassle-free installation process. Gina gaskets are made from natural rubber that varies in hardness to accommodate for a variation in hydrostatic pressure and was supplied as a U-frame, to seal the dry dock door.

I’ll leave you with the kind words of Nico-Jan Boogaard, Senior Engineering Manager at de Kok Staalbouw, who said: “It was vital that we partnered with a manufacturer with a proven track record in such projects that demand a high performance solution. Trelleborg approached the challenge head-on and proved to be the ideal partner.”

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