Trelleborg Raises Awareness to Protect and Preserve the Oceans

In line with its continued commitment to protecting the essential via sustainability improvement, Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure Singapore joined the world to celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th.

Following the World Oceans Day 2022 theme of "Revitalization: collective action for the ocean," the team engaged in various activities.

The celebration commenced with a screening of 'Plastic Ocean' – an adaption from the feature-length documentary by the Plastic Oceans Foundation highlighting the effects of plastic pollution and possible solutions to end the usage of single-use plastic. This was also followed by a meet-free and sea-food free lunch for all employees.

Julian Wee, Managing Director, Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure Singapore, commented: "We are committed to investing time and resources into initiatives supporting a more sustainable future for our communities. Therefore, as we mark World Oceans Day, we take particular interest in doing our bit to help people understand how critical it is for us to find ways to protect and restore the ocean. By showcasing the documentary "Plastic Ocean" to our employees, our goal is to generate awareness of the looming threat posed by the disposal of plastic waste into the sea. The enormous damage it causes to all creatures who depend on the ocean for their food, from seabirds to fish, calls for us to take immediate action.”

Every year, on June 8th, people and organizations across the globe join hands in support of the life of the ocean and foster public interest in conserving it through sustainable actions. World Ocean Day network notes that today less than 17 % of land and 8% of the ocean worldwide is protected. To ramp up efforts to save natural areas worldwide, a group of over 90 countries has now adopted the global goal of protecting at least 30% of the land, water, and sea by 2030, commonly referred to as the "30×30" initiative.